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How to Develop Diction?

Everyone understands that voice is an important tool for a person. After all, more than 35% of information we perceive thanks to sounds. It is very important for a student to speak correctly and accurately, because the success of a speech at a seminar or presentation largely depends on it. It is clear that not every one of us is endowed from birth with a speech that our addressees listen to as beautiful music. But this business is fixable. You just need to put a minimum of effort and desire to improve your diction.

Afraid of Exams. Fear Cultivated by Generations
Student Is Afraid

We believe that you understand that those people who do not know anything at all on the subject rarely seek information on how to overcome their fear of the exam. These people understand that they have nothing to fear, they only rely on luck, the will of chance and the favor of the examiner. Most likely, you know almost more than the teacher and continue to be afraid. Well, then we will start a psychological work to level this fear.

The Study "In the Dark"
A Man with a Blindfold

Often it happens that the education system of a country does not change for decades, or even sometimes for centuries. However, the teaching methodology does not undergo any changes. The students get the same assignments, the professors read the same lectures. Those methods that were used in the 50s of the XX century may turn out to be ineffective in the XXI century, as not only the conditions for the existence of each individual person have changed, but also those for humanity as a whole.

How to Approach Any Professor. Or Almost Any
Strict Professor

So, a new semester starts, and you come to the lecture to a new professor. Okay, if this teacher just conducts lectures in a slightly unusual pace and volume. However, the bigger problem is simply "pressing" volumes of the homework that they ask.

Spoken vs Written

It has long been the opinion that it is necessary to learn English. But can you apply the knowledge gained at school or university in your daily life? This question often deprives motivation in learning English, therefore it is best to make a decision to learn a foreign language when you have set a specific goal and already know where and how you will use the knowledge you have gained.

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