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Creativity VS Obsessions

Many easy pleasures of modern society (social networks, gambling, the Internet, searching for tasty food, etc.) can develop a behavioral dependence. According to the new study by the London University, art and creative activities, such as painting or dancing, can potentially help cope with the obsessive desire of society for enjoyment and lead us to a better and healthier lifestyle. This is especially important for students who are trying to organize their lives correctly.

Self-Motivation: Just Start
Happy People

Hard times, no money, problems with relatives – this can happen to anyone. The main things that you have to stop doing in such situations are to whine, so pull yourself together. Also, there is a list of five useful recommendations that can help you to get rid of these conditions.

Small Trials That Change Your Life Completely
Discouraged Person

Often young people are discouraged because of their so-called ‘bad life’. They do not have enough joy, emotions, experiences, and many just do not see any sense in their existence. Many young people only go to university and then come back home, spending all evenings at home lying on the couch or doing some random tasks. Then, in the future, they go to work, come back home, lie on the sofa, watch TV and meet with friends from time to time. Of course, such an existence cannot seem interesting and full of meaning. Here you will find small trials passing which you will completely improve your life. And to ensure that your homework does not distract you, instruct it to specialists from

How to Become Responsible
Responsible Man

Responsibility is one of the most important human qualities. People endowed with this property are most commonly taken on the job, they are nicer not only to communicate, but also in general contact. Somehow this is because irresponsible people are like adult children that always wait for help and cannot confirm their actions and words. How to become a responsible person? Becoming responsible for your life, people find freedom, begin to build their own happiness, overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Learn to be responsible while you are still a student.

World Education Systems

Every country has its specific system of schooling. Each government tries to improve it with an eye to training more professional specialists in different fields. The improving of education fully depends on how many resources are invested, which reforms are provided and so on. Once a year, a top list of the most successful countries in this sphere is made. These skeds can help you to choose where to look for high-quality education. Here are the most famous learning systems in the world with a short description to each.

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