Exams Time: Prepare Your Memory for Difficulties. Part 1

Girl Studying

Imagine that you have an exotic plant that must give bright flowers. For this, it must be watered regularly but not too much, and what is more, it must be placed in a dark place. If you do not water your plant for several days in a row and let the sun rays burn it, the flowers will simply die. Yet it was a very beautiful specimen. This example can be applied to our memory: we all have a brain with this wonderful ability to memorize different information: a short-term memory and also a long-term one. But as the rare plant, this memory can flourish only if we succeed in feeding it properly.

Writing Notes to Be a Successful Student. Part 2

Memorization Techniques

Try to find and write down the key phrase that summarizes a thought: the speaker often puts an emphasis on essential things. Notice some words that mark the logical relationship between ideas or steps: first, then, firstly, secondly, let's move on to, etc. Note the "meaning" and not the "sound" – write with your own words. The main goal is to understand the content and to be able to use it later.

Writing Notes to Be a Successful Student. Part 1

Note Taking Ideas

Regardless of whether you are reading a book or listening to an audiovisual document, notes should be effective, organized, exhaustive, complete, and understandable. We will give you some practical tools. Basing on them, you will be able to build your personal method. This will definitely contribute to the efficient learning process.

Where Does Your Stress Come From? Part 2


For students, one of the most effective ways to be less stressed is also to organize their time better. You should do your weekly planning integrating all your lessons and leisure activities as well as the time reserved for study, essays, projects, etc.

Where Does Your Stress Come From? Part 1

Where Are You From?

The external manifestations of stress are the fast heartbeat, short breathing, sweaty hands, and difficulty in concentrating. All this is caused by the secretion of hormones at the level of the hypothalamus, an important regulatory area of the brain. But what are the triggers that cause it?

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