Where Does Your Stress Come From? Part 2


Try to Be More Organized

For students, one of the most effective ways to be less stressed is also to organize their time better. You should do your weekly planning integrating all your lessons and leisure activities as well as the time reserved for study, essays, projects, etc.

When you have a lot of work to do, you must divide the work a few days in advance. A greater part of the student’s stress is generated by a lack of anticipation. This is because all the work is done "at the last moment", in an emergency, which generates a systematic stress. Moreover, work of "last moment" is not always of a good quality. It "zaps" steps of deepening and important reflection. In the long run, this is often shown in the results. Above all, it instills in you the unpleasant feeling of "running after time", of not controlling what happens to you. You feel swayed by events, you endure your life, which generates guilt and a loss of motivation. You see that stress has very concrete causes. So, evaluate your tasks, distribute them in time, make a schedule, etc. All this will help you to progress and be less stressed.

Visualize Your Workday in College

Visualization is about jumping into the future in a short, medium or long term to imagine what you want to happen. Visualization must be realistic (credible in your mind and connected to a positive feeling). For example, you can see the positive result of an essay before it is finished and see how you feel about it. Visualize your teacher's expression of satisfaction with a well-done job. Before you fall asleep at night, visualize the end of the next day, where you are satisfied and happy with the work done.

Mental Imagery

Take time to inhale gently and deeply and give yourself permission to relax. Let yourself go into your sea and feel how it supports your weight. Imagine a beautiful place and use your senses to explore this place (gentle warmth of the sun on the skin, the wind breeze on your face, the smell of flowers, the song of birds, etc.).

Our suggestion for you is, for example, to imagine yourself on a raft in the middle of a calm lake. Imagine yourself on a beach relaxing in the sun. Take time to relive the happy moments of your life. Imagine a flower seed that you sow and imagine it grow until it becomes a beautiful rose. Let yourself be inside this picture as if there is nothing that can upset you. You are full of energy and happiness.

Positive Attitude

At the end of the day in college, identify 3 things you have liked about yourself during the day. You should put things in order in your life. Whatever happens, focus on what you’ve done well. See problems as the opportunities to improve something and clarify your values in accordance with what is essential to you. And one of the most important things to do is to be a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem. Start with small decisions, for example, buy an essay on essayspark.com and get rid of a feeling of anxiety and stress.

Turn Negative Stress into Positive One

Upside Down

It is necessary to accept the negative stress if you really want to turn it into a positive feeling. Ask yourself the following question: what do I need to reduce or eliminate this stress? Whatever your need, create a solution action and do it now. If you wait for the circumstances to be favorable to act, it will not happen. It is your decision to act that will make the circumstances favorable. Learn to laugh more, relax and meditate. Go into nature, develop positive thinking, change your beliefs and, more than anything, do what gives you pleasure and what makes you happy.

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