Writing Notes to Be a Successful Student. Part 1

Note Taking Ideas

Regardless of whether you are reading a book or listening to an audiovisual document, notes should be effective, organized, exhaustive, complete, and understandable. We will give you some practical tools. Basing on them, you will be able to build your personal method. This will definitely contribute to the efficient learning process. Do not forget that essay help online also contributes to academic success.

Why Should You Start Taking Notes?

Listening, understanding, synthesizing, and taking notes – you should follow this sequence. However, there is no single recipe for taking notes. Everyone should find their own method, their style, their strategy to optimize their note-taking. We take notes to assimilate ideas, to organize knowledge. Your notes must be useful and easy to understand while preparing for exams later. The most important thing is the maintenance of order. If you manage to write all your notes so that you can find the right sentence, theme, or definition at any time, then you should know that you have not only powerful academic weapons in your hands but the actual pass to the next level of studying, the key to the door that leads to new academic accomplishments.

Useful Notes

Cute Notebooks

It is useless to write down everything that the teacher says. You need to be able to take useful and informative notes that capture the important elements of a particular class. For this, you must perform several tasks simultaneously: listen + understand + determine what is important + write. Not taking enough notes or not doing this at all is dangerous because it is almost impossible to memorize any information just by listening. Properly taken notes should be useful for learning and memorizing. They can be completed and used for several months or years if necessary. Be careful if you decide to record a class: you may have neither time nor desire to transcribe it.

Easy to Understand

You must be able to read them again without any difficulty. The technique that you are going to adopt must be perfect for you. You should choose a layout, abbreviations, and color codes for all your notes. Being able to read them again easily will save your time during your revisions and preparation for exams. Your notes should support you. There is no point in taking notes that you will never read again. You should be able to easily supplement them with bibliographical references, for example. By the way, if you do not know how to properly prepare a bibliography for your essay, do not hesitate to contact professional writers.

Have a Plan at the Beginning

Note Planning

During a class, a presentation, a lecture, or a workshop, the speaker will often announce his/her plan in the introduction. Note this plan as it is very important. Indeed. If you do not know the speaker, you will not know in advance whether he/she repeats the plan for each part, makes meaningful conclusions on every step, and repeats the same information several times, or he/she will not specify anything and read all like a long novel without chapters. That is the reason why you should have a plan of your notes in advance: if you do, you will only have to insert some information at the end of the lecture or while reading your notes later.

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