Exams Time: Prepare Your Memory for Difficulties. Part 1

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Imagine that you have an exotic plant that must give bright flowers. For this, it must be watered regularly but not too much, and what is more, it must be placed in a dark place. If you do not water your plant for several days in a row and let the sun rays burn it, the flowers will simply die. Yet it was a very beautiful specimen. This example can be applied to our memory: we all have a brain with this wonderful ability to memorize different information: a short-term memory and also a long-term one. But as the rare plant, this memory can flourish only if we succeed in feeding it properly. There is no need to ask your doctor for some miracle pills for memory, apply the "natural" recipes instead. And the completed tasks, which essayspark.com guarantees you, will allow you to develop your memory more intensively.

Take Care of Your Sleep and Your Life Balance

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Many of the difficulties of memorizing are simply due to a bad lifestyle. We know that sleep plays an essential role in the process of memorization because when we sleep, the trace left in the brain by our learning stabilizes. If you sleep too little, this secret is less effective: the fixation of memories and knowledge - "memorial anchorage" - in the long-term memory is worse.

On the other hand, if you lack sleep, you may notice that your attention and concentration have weakened, and it is harder for you to fix the information. Inevitably, it will take more time to learn anything. In short, during the revisions and the preparation for exams, be very careful with your bedtime. It is better to sleep well at night to be in shape than to yawn for hours during your classes. More than anything, avoid sleepless nights, even if you do not have enough time. Remember that there are professional writers who can help you in such difficult moments of your academic life.

Lack of Oxygen and Exercise Slows the Brain Activity

Similarly, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle, because our brain is connected with the entire body. Do some sports, stretch your legs, take a dance step in your room or a bike ride down the street. The break can be very short, even from 5 to 10 minutes, then you may go back to the studies.

Alcohol, Cannabis: Enemies of Memory Skills

Prohibition to Smoke

We hope you do not have any bad habits, but still, we should mention that. Alcohol, even intermittently consumed, and, of course, drugs, cannabis, for example, damage the memory capacity. How? First of all, they reduce the concentration capacity, and, therefore, the storage of information: it is difficult to retain the material from which only one-quarter was captured because we were "elsewhere."

Then, they modify the way in which the information is transmitted to the central brain via nerve cells or neurons: normally cells called neurotransmitters serve as the supports for this information. But alcohol and drugs damage the neurotransmitters, so the transmission is not done properly. The hippocampus, a part of the central brain where all the information is stored in memory, does not receive the information, or will not be able to retransmit it correctly when it is necessary - on the day of the exam, for example.

Control Your Emotions and Be Self-Confident

Feeling Anxiety

Some students usually panic on the day of the exam, they lack self-confidence. Other emotions and negative thoughts can also invade them. This causes stress: a physical mechanism that again disturbs the work of the memory, and, in particular, prevents us from remembering what we have learned. Indeed, in the brain, the area that manages positive or negative emotions is very close to the hippocampus where the memory acts. Negative emotions can, therefore, interfere with the memorization (at the time of learning and recovery).

How to Fight Stress?

Do you know what emotions are involved? What makes you panic on the day of the exam? It is necessary to identify the negative thoughts to be able to fight them. There are, for example, psycho-sensory methods to fight stress by focusing on your breathing to better live in the moment. If big emotional problems (for example, issues in your family) disturb you, it is absolutely necessary to be able to speak with someone (psychologist, friends, relatives) to express your emotions. You can also improve your self-confidence by practicing positive thoughts to boost your motivation and confidence while studying. All this helps to get rid of the anxieties and allows you to study more effectively. Your memory can then do its work. And the professionals in writing essays are ready to do their work if you suddenly decide to buy an essay.

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