Achieve Good Academic Results by Applying Effective Techniques. Part 1
Getting A+

Firstly, we want to highlight an important point: life is much more than just grades, it is also experience. No matter where, you can always get better. You probably believe that you are not well versed in a particular subject because you were not born with this natural talent, for example, to understand math, so you will never achieve good results in mathematics. That is not true. Regardless of what subject we are talking about, you can always get better. Work on yourself and, if necessary, apply for academic assistance on

Having True Motivation

There is another difference between people who are getting bad grades and good grades – having true motivation besides an exterior motive. For example, your parents want you to get good grades – that is an exterior motivation. It will work for some time, but probably it is not long-term: once you are in college, they might not have that power over you, so eventually you are going to be like “now I do not care.” So, you have to find your own motivation, whether it is competition to be better than others or a destination you are trying to reach. For example, enter a law or medical school.

Sit in the Front

In the majority of classes, especially the ones you do not understand much, we recommend sitting in the front. In the first couple of weeks, your professors get this idea of who you are, they kind of make an assumption. So, if you sit in the first row and keep an eye contact, you show that you are present in the class and listen to the professor attentively. Somehow, he/she thinks that you are a good student, that you work hard, and maybe it will influence your grades later.

 If you are sitting in the front, your professor always sees when you are in class, so you cannot miss it. And if you are not listening to him/her, he/she will definitely notice it.

Write a Plan for Every Semester

At the beginning of a semester, you can write down everything that is in the syllabus: any deadlines or something you should note. We recommend that you have a calendar in front of you and highlight important things and deadlines. It is better to write them in a color that stands out to you, for example, red. So you will remember all future events and, for example, buy essays in time.

Know the Plan

Do not assign for some class without knowing what it is about: you can choose a subject that you like by looking at the plan and realizing if it is what you want to study and how much time and effort you will spend on it.

Also, by reading this plan, you will get to know what kind of projects you will have and what impact they have on the final assessment – it is a very important point. For example, the final grade for a certain class consists of fifty percent participation and fifty percent – final exam. In this case, you can decide whether you want to attend all the classes for a good grade. You should absolutely know the plan of the class and its grading scale, and make sure that you are ok with all that.

Friends Have Influence

Smart Girls

Usually, people who end up with really good grades have friends who get good grades, too. So, our next tip – surround yourself with smart and responsible friends. Again, people sitting in the front are usually on task, they are ready to answer, they know what they are doing, so try to communicate with them. We recommend that you have a friend in every single class you attend, have their phone numbers and emails. This way you can always find out what you missed if you were absent, and also ask something if you have homework questions.  

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