Paper About Ways to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

We live in the world of modern technology and cannot imagine our life without its benefits. Nowadays, all modern gadgets have become an essential part of our life: most of our time is spent on their using and updating. You can even buy your essay in one click with their help.

At the same time, gadgets have become an illness of the XXI century. People prefer spending time in the virtual world instead of communicating with friends in the real one. According to statistics, approximately 200 thousand SMS messages are sent every second and 10 000 accounts in social networks are created every day. It is quite sad, is not it?

If the first thing that you are doing after waking up is watching news feed on Facebook or checking your messages on a smartphone, then there are reasons to worry. But do not worry — you are able to cope with all the difficulties. How? Let’s discuss.

Write Papers to Find Ways to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

The first task with which you have to cope is to comprehend that you are addicted to your smartphone. And the best way to cope with this task is to write a paper that will describe such a problem.

Do not worry: you do not have to write academic essays or appeal to philosophy papers. Your paper should reveal key activities that are done during the day. Let’s say it will be your short diary with descriptions of your activities. But the main point is to mention every possible detail. Even checking your phone on missed calls is also considered as an action. Only, in this case, you will be able to comprehend the situation fully.

After creating such a diary, you can analyze how many hours per day are spent on gadgets. 1 hour? 3 hours? Or 5 hours? If this number impresses you, then it is a signal that it is high time to change the situation. And my congratulations! You have acknowledged that you are a smartphone-addicted person.

Delete Everything

Get rid of applications that make you check your phone again and again. It is worth analyzing how much time you spend on Facebook or Instagram — perhaps you should not pay too much attention to them. It is not superfluous to get rid of applications that help to buy something: there is a chance to avoid unplanned expenses.

Do Not Touch Your Phone

Sign “Do Not Touch”

Do not text while driving a car: it will help not only to cope with dependence but also to increase road safety. If you need to write a message, do this before or after the trip. Keep your hands in your pockets when walking down the street. If you are standing in line, do not get the smartphone — let your brain think about the things you have to accomplish.

Do not constantly check the phone if you are at home or on vacation: such an action prevents you from relaxing after a hard-working day. Leave the phone at home or in the car if you are going to the gym: your body will thank you.

Follow Instructions

As soon as the flight attendant asks you to turn off the phone during take-off, do not put it into flight mode, really turn off the gadget. When traveling by plane, read a book or a magazine. Reading or watching movies on the phone during a long flight only exhausts you.

Limit Time of Using


Set the rule to check the phone no more than once every 90 minutes, when you are on a date or at a meeting with friends. Perhaps, it will not be so easy at first, but then you will notice that the quality of communication has increased noticeably.

By the way, some restaurants encourage visitors who decided to lay aside their phones with additional discounts. And even more: some cafes prohibit using phones while having a meal.

Agree, that such an action requires too much patience. That is why it is very important to improve this trait of character. If you are eager to succeed in this task, go here. You will be able to impress everyone by your calmness and patience.

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