What Is New About Robots? An Analysis Essay


Some of us are still afraid of robots – they might take our jobs, make our word senseless, let us be lazier or even conquer the world. Others are happy and interested in every new skill that robots can acquire. So, the topic remains controversial throughout the decades. Here you will find the latest news on robotics developments and their practical implementations, which will help you to decide which side is to take and to write an essay on this topic.

What Has Changed? 

Recently, a real breakthrough has happened in robotics – now robots can do many things with their hands, meaning that they have acquired a lot of motor skills which have not been available for them before. It may sound too simple to be called “the breakthrough”, but:

  • What seems easy to the human is not always the same to the robot. Our natural skills, such as sensual, motor or visual, have been developing within thousands of years without the participation of our consciousness. This is why it is much simpler to teach the robot to solve your math assignment than to write the non-plagiarized paper, for example. This is why robots were better at science (people created it and were able to teach robots) than at performing some physical actions (a famous Alexa can answer almost any question of yours but will not be able to clean your room, unfortunately).
  • Robots do not have any sensual feelings. Imagine yourself doing something in gloves and ask yourself a question what you can do when you are wearing gloves. Not the tiniest things, right? The same is with robots – they can perform an action but it is quite complicated to be accurate enough.

How Can Robots Learn?

Robots at School

After a number of experiments and researches, the scientists have found out that the most effective method for the robot to learn the motor skills is a reinforcement way. This is the method which includes learning with the help of tries and errors. The robots were set into a virtual reality where they were able to grab things, hold them etc. When they succeeded, they received a reward. This methodology has allowed robots to develop skills which can be of much use in the future.

Except for Taking Your Job, What Else Will Robots Do?

Please, do not take this headline seriously: while robots are taking some jobs, they are creating the new ones. What is more, they can turn our environment into a safer and friendlier one. This is how it may work:

  1. A power wheelchair with a robotic hand will be created – older and disabled people will be able to grab items with its help, so they will feel more independently and comfortable at home;
  2. Defusing mines is not the safest job, and luckily, the humanity can pass it to the robots due to their new motor skills.
  3. Robots will be able to perform MRI-guided surgery.
  4. They will help to keep our planet clean – new skills will let robots find and recycle the radioactive waste.
  5. Robots will even take part in space missions! Can you imagine it? The future is closer than it seems. 

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