Zoos Are Prisons for an Animals: Prompt for Argumentative Essay

Animals in Cages

Let’s imagine a situation. You are in a room where you will have to spend the rest of your life. Note that you will be in a complete safety in this room, in addition, you will be always provided with food, medical assistance, you will be able to take care of a personal hygiene, you will be able to study there. But if you want to leave this room, it would be impossible. Think for a moment, would you like to have that kind of life? Think of animals in this perspective.

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The probability is that you will not only disagree, but also will see a clear resemblance to a prison. In prison, there is a reduced risk of death by accident, a guaranteed food supply. However, people are put there for a punishment rather than for a reward.

Everything is the same with the animals in the zoos. Zoos are like a jails for animals, not homes as we consider. For sure, there is a danger outside, but the fact that they sometimes suffer in the wild is not an excuse for the imprisonment, where they spend years or even decades in a small cage. In addition, the wildlife is not too wild for those to whom it is a natural habitat.

Hammy Zoo Conditions

Cold wind, scorching sun, pouring rain, freezing winter, hot summer – that are the weather conditions which are common to most of us. What about the animals that have to live in a completely different climate zone? Think about polar bears and seals that have to survive and get used to our temperate climate; about elephants and giraffes that have to adapt to cold winters.

The Horror of Transportation

Another serious question is a transportation of animals to the zoos. Their loading and transportation is realized in extremely brutal ways. In most cases, the animal does not want to go into a container for transportation, it simply stands still. So the only way to make it come inside (especially if it’s a large animal) is a beating, in a way that suppresses its will. A former employee of one of the zoos told the following story: "When the African elephant Dongdu was transported, it was chained, knocked onto the ground and beaten with ax handles for two days." During the process of a transportation a lot of animals can be seriously injured.

Animal Transportation

The Salvation of the Endangered Species Is a Drop in the Sea

The zoo workers constantly claim that they rescue animals from total destruction. Still, many zoos prefer popular or exotic species, because people want to see them. In addition, the employees of zoos never let animals go to the wild. Animals born in captivity have no chance to survive in freedom.

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