How to Study at Night: Nifty Pieces of Advice
Studying at Night

There are many valid reasons not to sleep all night in some particular cases. Perhaps, you need to cram something before an important test or finish an essay. Maybe, you need to stay awake in order to finish an important assignment. Whatever the reason is, not sleeping during the night is unnatural thing for most people and you need to have certain knowledge and skills to do it effectively.

Stay Alert

Cold Shower

In order to cool the body, take a shower at night. While learning something the entire night, avoid wasting of time. There are many things that may distract you from the real work that you have to do. It will be enough to watch some scary moments from the horror movie during your 5-10-minute break in order to refresh yourself.

Do Not Drink Black Tea or Coffee

Black tea or coffee may seem to be an ideal solution that helps you to stay awake. But you will only get a temporary energy surge, and the next day you will feel terrible (perhaps it may happen exactly during the test or important meetings). Instead of this, drink two full glasses of ice water every 30 minutes. Cold water will not only help you stay awake, but also will force you to go to the lavatory often. Herbal teas without caffeine naturally will keep you awake due to the effects of various herbs.

Glasses of Water

Turn off Everything Distracting

Turn off the service of instant messaging and e-mail notification, mobile phone and television. Avoid surfing the net in search of something unnecessary, do not play games on your devices, do not paint, do not write poetry, and so on. Even pinch yourself if you start to get distracted by these things. Pinch may return you to reality, to the need to focus on work. But if you want to stay up all night for some other reason, phones, tablets and things like that emit blue light that will not let you sleep.

Eat Protein Foods

Eat protein foods, like sandwiches, cheese and other dairy products. Sugary foods can give charge of energy for a while, but eventually you will feel drowsy and droopy when sugar in the blood drops sharply. Apples maintain the stable blood sugar levels, so you will be cheerful much longer. However, any fruit and healthy food are better than sweets. In fact, you should not overload the stomach with food or you may be disturbed by the swelling of stomach and even get bigger drowsiness.

Do not eat a heavy meal in the evening if you plan not to sleep at night, because after consuming it you have just become sleepy and sluggish. Prefer light and healthy dish. Do not eat muesli, lemons, bananas, turkey, figs, or toast, avoid drinking milk. All these products will enhance your fatigue and drowsiness.

Open Your Windows

Work with the windows open. The cool air will help you not to fall asleep, while warm one usually knocks you down. Remember those nights when you could not fall sleep, because your feet were cold, and compare them with nights, when because of the cozy warmth you dropped asleep very quickly. If you notice that the cool air helps you to work effectively during the night, you can even go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face.

We hope these tips will help you to stay awake during the night and fulfill everything what you have conceived.

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