SAT Test Preparation Guide for Beginners
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It is always shameful not to have any idea about something new when everybody around you knows it. But do not worry if you recently got to find out that to enter the college you need to pass a special test and you did not even start preparation yet! With the guidance of our paper writing service, you will definitely not only become aware of it but also start preparing right away!

Getting Acquainted with The SAT Test

We are pretty sure you have heard about this test but never gave it a close look. Until this moment.

So, here are they, the most common question about this issue:

  • What is SAT?

    SAT is an abbreviature for “Scholastic Aptitude Test” as well as «Scholastic Assessment Test» which is basically a standardized test for the acceptance to the US high school institutions;

  • Who develops this test?

    A private non-profitable organization called the College Board with the president David Coleman who is the owner and inventor of this test for students to prove their readiness for college;

  • How long does it take?

    An ordinary test is about three hours with an essay duration of 50 minutes which is almost 4 hours in general;

  • How much does it cost?

    As of the year 2017 a normal price for such a test costs US $45 and US$57 if the test is with an essay for US students;

  • Who can take this test?

    Every high school graduate of the 11th (junior) or 12th (senior) year of study who wants to have an admission to the US colleges and high school institutions;

  • What does it include?

    A SAT test consists of three major sections:

    • Critical reading
    • Mathematics
    • Writing

Each section has its specific characteristics that are to be taken into account long before the day of the test. In the next paragraphs, we will talk a bit more about these peculiarities.

  • When can I take it?

    The test departments usually open in January, March, May, June, October, November and December (for US students). However, to get enrolled you need to plan ahead and pay the fee when there are still places;

  • Is it difficult to pass?

    Even though this test is for schoolers you need to prepare thoroughly and learn vocabulary which was never learned at school as well as train your knowledge in mathematics;

  • Can I repeat this test and how many times can I do that?

    Yes, you can. However, you do not only need money to do that but also time and even more diligence to be ready to not give up and study even harder.

Tips and Hints on Successful Passing the SAT Test

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The main and most important tip to get in mind – bring them to life. Do not just read them and close the tab but establish every single tip trying them in school life and making them become a compulsory part of your study process.

  1. Download mobile apps with SAT words preparation. Study everywhere, when standing in a queue or taking a train anywhere, just do it instead of listening to music or staring at the window, do not lose precious time!
  2. Have at least one book. It is also good to have something to write on as a paperback and alternate it with electronic devices when getting bored;
  3. Take free samples as many times as possible. Do not be afraid to fail, it is better to do it while taking a sample test than the real one. Additionally, you will get used to its structure and not be lost during the real one;
  4. Compete with friends! Find people who also prepare for a test and have a genuine competition for getting more motivated into the study process;
  5. Set a goal. And start pursuing your dream as soon as possible. The more realistic your goal is the more chances are you achieve it;
  6. Realize that no one is perfect. To make you feel better, Bill Gates, Ben Affleck, and Will Smith had almost perfect results but still did not achieve the highest score. Another motivation to have!

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