How to Reach your Dream: Tips and Ways
Determined Person

Realize the dream is simpler than it seems to be. But the truth is that besides a desire, you need willpower, nerves of steel and ease in acting. For those who already have matured to make their dream come true, we offer a sequence of five steps.

Step 1: Raising Your Self-Esteem

The right mindset is a half of the battle. Before you begin moving forward to the dreams you have, create a virtual support group. It is necessary to include four people into your list. Moreover, you can use all your imagination choosing people from Frank Sinatra to Yuri Gagarin and Albert Einstein. Select those, whose life position appeals to you. Of course, you may also choose those who still live. Have you done it? Perfectly. Now it is your family.

Then write what each of these people may tell you in order to inspire. For example, Yuri Gagarin might say: "Ann is a very purposeful girl. She is fast and bright like a rocket. She will be able to work out". Do the same with all members of your virtual family. Keep this text and carry it around in order to get motivational charge.

Step 2: Determine Your Strengths

The next step is to understand what you manage to do very good. Make a list of twenty things that you do with a great pleasure and from which your soul sings. Now you need to find common patterns in this list and cut it down to three occupations. Most likely you will see a pretty clear picture of something in what you really are strong enough.

Let's suppose you got such conclusions: you like to travel, communicate with people and to help the environment. Think about how these things may be combined? Maybe it would be great for you to organize a voyage around the world with an ecological subtext.

Step 3. Make up a Real Support Group

Support Group

We advise you to choose any person from your environment, with whom you would be able to move forward to the dream together. You move toward your goal, and he or she will do it toward their one. The thing is that you should do it in parallel, supporting each other. Agree with this person on the weekly meetings. He or she should check your checklist, and you – theirs. If someone of your group does not fulfill the obligation, then introduce penalties.

Step 4. Try Your Hand

We begin to move toward our dream. Most people have fear that they have made the wrong choice, but do not worry, it is not a problem. There are several ways to test your hypothesis. You need to try something that you have chosen. You have several options of "touchstones". The easiest of them is to become a volunteer or intern in any organizations of international scope. Enterprising people are needed always and everywhere.

Step 5: Get up on Your Feet

Finally, you realize that traveling and helping nature is exactly what you would like to do in life. Now you have to draw a flow chart that shows where you should move on. You need to write down all possible options on how to make your dream a matter of your life.

For example, you may supervise the organization of "floating" seminar on ships, related to environmental issues or to develop eco-tour for local travel agencies and become their guide; or come to the environmental organization with the idea of circumnavigation in support of some environmental monitoring programs.

There are always dozens and hundreds of options how to fulfill your dreams. The main thing is to spring into action!

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