Dealing with Procrastination: Make Yourself Do What You Do Not Want
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Every time before the deadline of a big project, an important exam, an unpleasant conversation with parents or an appointment at the dentist’s (when you tooth already gives you much pain) you find a load of other “more important” things to do that are easier and that have nothing in common with the main deal. Sounds like you? This list of more important stuff is very personal and can range from watching that film that has been just recently released to calling your old friend from school.

However, these are simple tasks just to take your mind off something really important. Their effectiveness doesn’t last for long. According to a psychological definition the process of putting off unpleasant business for something of little matter is called procrastination. So what to do to get back on track and not to be in trouble again because of procrastination?

  • 1.Do one unpleasant thing in the morning

    When you have woken up and got ready, start your day with something you like least of all to do. It can be getting your MP3-player to the repair service or making an appointment with a physician.

    This is just like jumping off the bridge. You can either jump right off without any hesitation or walk up to the edge a hundred times, look down, brood over jumping or not, put yourself together and then again stop at the edge. And so on, until somebody loses one’s temper and pushes you off the bridge. Thus, one unpleasant business in the morning and the rest of the day you would feel well doing anything else and knowing that the main task is done.

  • 2.If you find it difficult to do something few times a week, do it every day

    It may sound excruciating, but it really works. For example, if you need to fill some cards for some program or write articles for a blog you can either leave all the work for 2 or 3 days or spend 20 minutes a day completing it. Let’s admit it: it’s much better to spend 20 minutes a day doing something that doesn’t exactly lift your spirits than to spend half a day doing it. 20 minutes a day is not that big of a deal and all the necessary work will be fulfilled.

  • 3.Find yourself a company

    When you are doing something with a friend or a relative you like or with a person whom you just came to know, the work is done faster and much more joyfully. Then you may not even notice how a boring business turns into fun.

    Team Work
  • 4.Make preparation for the business habitual

    Preparation engulfs you into the business. It’s kind of a moral trick. For example, gathering all the papers and books necessary to consider for writing an essay prepares you morally for the challenge.

  • 5.Make a list

    This advice is quite common in fighting procrastination and laziness. And it proves to be handy. Usually we make a list for long-term matters, but it works even for daily tasks. Just make it a habit of yours to write “To do lists” every day. You’ll experience a great feeling of satisfaction crossing out one task after another.

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