Creativity and Ways of Its Numerous Implementations
Teacher Speaking Passionately

Creativity and the need for its implementation in the educative process have become so pervasive cliché that when you hear it, you often don’t know how to tackle it. So, what is hidden under this notion, irksome for some people, and religiously requisite for other?

Tips on How to Remain Friends with Orientation Buddies

Orientation is an exciting and overwhelming experience for every student. It’s time for the first impressions about everything and first attempts to find new friends. Statistics say that only a small part of people who met during the orientation remain friends throughout their college years. But if you are sure you don’t want to lose a contact with the certain person, you can surely find some ways to stay in touch. Here are some of them. Also, be sure that you and your friend can always find academic help on

Smartphone Addiction: Where the Future Will Take Us
Picture of a Smartphone

Smartphones are the embodiment of both the present and the future. They are so pervasive that we can’t even imagine ourselves without them, they became literally wired into modernity. In a blink of an eye (well, several years, but that’s not too much, let’s admit it) they not only became something defining zeitgeist, but supplanting other devices, that turned out defenseless against such a great invention.

Patriotism and Education
Flag of the USA

Such a dangerous combination! Maybe that’s not the best way to start thinking it over by labelling it this way, but sometimes the emotional message must come first, and here it is. Among numerous interpretations of what it is like to be a patriot and what it implies, several aspects need to come to the fore.

5 Qualities of the Best English Teacher

Do you still feel determined enough to bring your childhood dream into being and become a great English teacher? Sure your answer is a huge YES. It is a good choice of a life path if it is made consciously and voluntarily.

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