Tips on How to Remain Friends with Orientation Buddies

Orientation is an exciting and overwhelming experience for every student. It’s time for the first impressions about everything and first attempts to find new friends. Statistics say that only a small part of people who met during the orientation remain friends throughout their college years. But if you are sure you don’t want to lose a contact with the certain person, you can surely find some ways to stay in touch. Here are some of them. Also, be sure that you and your friend can always find academic help on

Social Networks

Besides asking for his or her telephone number, make sure to befriend each other on Facebook. It will be the perfect opportunity to stay in touch and communicate. You can get to know whether you have any joint classes via texting each other, make some plans to meet for a cup of coffee, or visit any interesting freshman activity on campus. The Internet really helps people build necessary relationships, so even such small gesture as sending a friend request on Facebook can lead to true and lasting friendship!

Have Lunch Together

One of the greatest fears of almost every freshman is having nobody to sit with during the lunch. If you arrange to have lunch with a person you met during orientation, you’ll surely spare yourself of unnecessary worries regarding this matter. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to meet up and discuss your classes, dorms, roommates, etc. Having lunches together once in a while is a great chance to stay in touch and can open a lot of doors for hanging out together in the future.

Go Out

Going out together is a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better. Just put some efforts and plan your night out accordingly. You can have dinner in an interesting place outside your campus, go to the cinema, or go to a college party! Whatever you decide to do, it will surely bring you a lot of fun.

Work Out Together

Another good way to stay in touch is going to the gym together. The gym is the central place for all students from different dorms so it should be easy for you to arrange your visits to be at the same time. It will not only give you both necessary motivation to keep on working out and stay healthy, but can be a perfect chance to catch up every time you meet for a training. You can sign in for a group fitness class or just do a similar type of workout together.

Join the Same Club

Every college has plenty of different clubs to attend, so why not to try something together? Even if you two seem to have different interests, you can try something different together. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn out to be a guru in politics!

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