Afraid of Exams. Fear Cultivated by Generations
Student Is Afraid

We believe that you understand that those people who do not know anything at all on the subject rarely seek information on how to overcome their fear of the exam. These people understand that they have nothing to fear, they only rely on luck, the will of chance and the favor of the examiner. Most likely, you know almost more than the teacher and continue to be afraid. Well, then we will start a psychological work to level this fear.

If you are expecting that there will be a "standard list of recommendations" that relate to inner peace and tranquility on the eve of the exam, then you will be slightly disappointed. There is nothing like that in this article.

There are many pre-examination traditions and customs that the students came up with themselves. The most surprising thing is that such methods sometimes work, but it is not the magical power of student acceptances and customs, but the programming of oneself through all these customs that they will definitely help in taking exams.

A logical question arises: can the preparation be done in any way so as not to depend on external "helpers" in the form of rituals, customs? The answer is yes, it is possible and even necessary. If you depend on something from outside, then all of your actions in one way or another are tied to this external factor. Once you lose contact with your imaginary "assistant", all your confidence goes nowhere.

What to Do?

There is only one way out. If you do not want to depend on someone or something from outside, work out your self-confidence. Generate confidence in your abilities, get used to nothing to be afraid of and then no exam is a hindrance.

The question arises: how can this be done? At the moment, there are many ways to increase your self-esteem and develop an "iron" self-confidence.

Self-confidence is the cornerstone of all accomplishments. You may have bad knowledge of the subject, you can take too little time to prepare for the exam, you can even rarely attend classes at your university (which, of course, we do not recommend doing since knowledge will still be useful to you). But you just have to develop a self-confidence in yourself.

Let us give another example. A person wants to open his or her own business. What do you think is the main reason that he or she still sits and just think over this idea?

Money? But now there are a lot of organizations ready to sponsor a start-up business on condition it is well thought out and it can bring a good profit in the long run. Even the state is trying to help start-up businessmen with the launch of their business in every possible way.

An experience? Lack of experience can even have a positive impact, because a person is not aware of the "real" problems that he or she will face with the business. Many problems are simply artificially made, to be honest. And they are invented just by those who are already in business for a long time. And the truth is that no one wants to see new competitors.

In fact, in most cases, it is the lack of self-confidence that prevents a person from revealing himself or herself to the fullest. Here the fear of passing the exam and making no headway in terms of opening the own business come from.

Our advice will be simple – act! And act so confidently that people begin to criticize you. Only those who are criticized achieve maximum results and are at the top in their business (whether it be study or business –  it does not matter).

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