The Study "In the Dark"
A Man with a Blindfold

Often it happens that the education system of a country does not change for decades, or even sometimes for centuries. However, the teaching methodology does not undergo any changes. The students get the same assignments, the professors read the same lectures. Those methods that were used in the 50s of the XX century may turn out to be ineffective in the XXI century, as not only the conditions for the existence of each individual person have changed, but also those for humanity as a whole.

Immersion in a New Method

There is a method of teaching, which can be called "in the dark". The usual lecture method, which consists of conducting classes during which the theory is stated, and practical classes during which the theory is checked, only discourages students from further learning. De facto one can say that material that the students "flow through themselves" is the most memorable. In other words, if he or she has checked the scientific statement in practice.

A person initially does not see anything in the darkness. Then, over time, the eyes adjust to the surrounding illumination, and some separate parts of the objects stand out in the field of vision, then their common contours become visible. As a result, the brain unconsciously connects them together, getting a holistic image of the subject. This is the meaning of the method in question.

Similarly, the private teachers – the tutors – can build their own classes. There is no need at first to expound the theory, and then to check in practice how the material was mastered. A person is endowed with five senses, which can be used in everyday life.

The threshold of sensations is called the reaction of the organ of sight, hearing, and scent to the slightest stimulus of the environment. For example, such a threshold for the eye is the opportunity to see the flame of a candle in a clear dark night at a distance of about five kilometers. For the ear – to distinguish the ticking of the wristwatch in complete silence at a distance of six meters. In the case of a sense of taste – is the presence of a teaspoon of sugar in a solution of eight liters. The smell threshold is a sensation of the presence of perfume with just one drop of it in an apartment consisting of six rooms. Finally, sense of touch is a feeling of movement of air produced by the fall of the wing of a fly on the surface of the skin from a height of about one centimeter.

Developing an intuitive component of thinking, one can instill in the student the ability to observe and catch the whole series of relationships that were previously unknown. It is also difficult to navigate in the dark first, but by linking all the disparate knowledge, it is possible to reproduce the whole picture of a certain theory.

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