How to Develop Diction?

Everyone understands that voice is an important tool for a person. After all, more than 35% of information we perceive thanks to sounds. It is very important for a student to speak correctly and accurately, because the success of a speech at a seminar or presentation largely depends on it. It is clear that not every one of us is endowed from birth with a speech that our addressees listen to as beautiful music. But this business is fixable. You just need to put a minimum of effort and desire to improve your diction.

In this article, you will learn how to do this in a minimal amount of time. Diction is the basis for the development of speech technology. No doubt, good and well-placed speech is useful in the inevitable communication with people.

It is known that everyone is able to improve diction. After all, almost all defects in speech can be corrected. There are a number of techniques that contribute to the improvement of diction. But do not forget that you need to use them regularly.

Pronunciation of Tongue-Twisters

This is the one with the simplest and most effective methods. It trains your pronunciation. All singers, actors improve their diction by resorting to tongue twisters. And they do it constantly and systematically for many years.

Articulatory Exercises

This is also a very important aspect of our difficult task. Qualified speech therapists suggest using the following:

  • Open your mouth wide and slowly move your jaw forward and back;
  • Rest against the left and right cheeks in turn with the tip of the tongue, doing this with a closed and opened mouth;
  • Try to count the upper and lower teeth with your tongue, while smiling with the open mouth.

Daily doing such an exercise, you will notice that your diction and speech will improve soon.

Listen to your own voice recorded on the dictaphone. Why do this? We do not even guess how our voice sounds. Technical equipment will help us. Record and listen, for example, a verse in your performance. Repeat these steps until you get the perfect speech.

How to Develop Diction

Improvement and development are different things. You need to do the following for proper development:

  • Read more works of the classics;
  • Listen to the records of the poems of experienced announcers;
  • Communicate with representatives of different social groups;
  • Practice describing any items with several sentences.

Such simple actions can develop not only your horizons, but also your diction. This will give an opportunity to feel more confident while communicating with the other person.

If you often perform something and have problems with pronunciation, then use these tips to improve the diction and clarity of speech:

  • Breathe properly when talking (speak and exhale slowly);
  • Do not rush when speaking (moderate speed will allow the addressee not only to hear you, but also to understand the speech);
  • Do not "swallow" the end of words (so your interlocutor can discern them);
  • Do not speak through your teeth.

It follows with these recommendations that sometimes, in order to improve the diction and clarity of speech, one should not simply make some mistakes. And this will already give a good result.



Do not forget that you have to work on your voice too. Its main characteristics are loudness, intonation and tempo. Remember that a reasonable combination of these components makes it pleasant for perception.

It is necessary to speak not too loudly and not quietly. At the same, intonation must express the basic semantic intentions. Sometimes it is much more important than the words themselves. The rate of speech is difficult to correct since it depends on the personal qualities of the speaker. But hard workouts can help speed it up or make it slower.

Remember that no one is born a speaker, you should become one. Work hard to improve your diction on a daily basis and you will be sure to succeed!

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