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Today you can meet a huge variety of different types of pens on the market. And the main difference is not in the form, size and color of the body, but in the very principle of the device. In this article, we will describe the most common varieties of pens suitable for students, as well as tell about their advantages and disadvantages.

Ballpoint Pen

This is the classics. It is with these pens that many begin their "school career" and continue to use them whole life. The pen consists of a body (the number of design options cannot be counted) and a rod filled with paste. A ball, which rotates and supplies ink to the paper when writing, is inserted at the end of the rod.


  • Low price (the easiest pen is cheaper than bread);
  • Reliability (the pen does not dry out with regular use, it does not leak, the ink is not washed off with water);
  • Simplicity (if the pen is over, you just need to change the rod).


  • When writing, you need to press the pen. The hand can get tired of this. In addition, peculiar calluses form on the middle finger of the right hand;
  • As a rule, the quality of writing with cheap rods leaves much to be desired.

Gel Pen

This is a kind of ballpoint pen. The difference lies in the composition of the ink. As you may have guessed, ink is a gel in gel pens.


  • Ink is very bright, the lines are clear, it is nice to write and read;
  • Large variety of colors.


  • They are somewhat more expensive than the ballpoint ones;
  • Ink is consumed much faster;
  • They often leak if you keep them a long time at one point.

Fountain Pen

The result of the evolution of the goose quill. Ink drains through the thin channels of the pen and remains on paper when touched. Here it is worth mentioning that there is a difference between the two. It all depends on the quality of the pen. If the pen is good – it will write beautifully and please its owner. If it is bad – it will leak, drip, dry up and expend nervous energy.

We can say that plastic pens are a lottery. Someone is lucky, someone is not. The cheapest Parker will perfectly suit for a normal student writing. Of course, this is not the cheapest option for the pen, but this is not the tool that is thrown out after six months. With a careful use, a good pen can serve more than two years.


  • There is no need to press the pen – a good one slides on the paper (you can write faster than usual, and the hand gets tired less);
  • Smooth clear lines, good quills do not leak;
  • It is convenient and pleasant to write (sometimes writing is the only pleasure at a boring lecture);
  • A vial of ink is enough for a year or two, so you can forget about further spending;
  • You can mix ink yourself and get unique colors.


  • Price (letter-ready pens start at $ 5-10);
  • Ink is easily washed off with water (there are also indelible ink, but it is more expensive);
  • They require handling with care (the pen may not "forgive" the fall down on a hard surface).

That is all. Of course, you can determine which type of pens will suit you best only by experience. In this way, you can feel the pros and cons of various writing materials and choose the perfect pen for yourself. As for the purchase of the pen, they can be bought in a regular store or market or ordered on the Internet.

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