Why Students Drop Out of College: Reasons and Solutions

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This question is in the limelight of all the higher educational institutions which are interested in bringing up fresh specialists in different fields. It is very important to make a thorough research to prevent situations when students drop out of college. Even if it’s due to some personal issues, a high dropout rate doesn’t contribute to the solid university’s reputation. Thus, every respectful educational institution does its best to provide strong student engagement.

Reason #1: Wrong Turn

A thing is that a major part of high school graduates is literally at the crossroad in terms of choosing an interesting specialty for them at a dream college. Few school leavers are really goal-oriented and know what they want to do from the freshman year.

Sometimes enrollees’ parents make this choice for them because they know better what perspectives are of the first rate for their child. But after a year it can turn out that a student is not happy with the chosen path and has no interest in studying. And, on contrary to a widespread opinion, he or she may not get over it and won’t get used to such environment which can lead to depression and serious health problems.

Solution: Follow Your Heart

As it was said above, entrants are not sure what occupation to pick and it’s absolutely normal. After graduating from school a teenager experiences a certain discomfort or even a shock because the first big part of their life is over and they have to start a new one from the scratch. Very often they need to go to another city may be a much bigger one, to get into a new campus and find new friends.

Add insecurity regarding choosing a future profession to all these things. Feels not so great, right? Thus, it concerns parents mostly: instead of forcing your child to enter a university without knowing what they want to do, give them some time to figure out what they want from life. And don’t freak out if it takes a while and your child won’t enter a college right away. He or she can do it next year. And that time it will be a deliberate decision.

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Reason # 2: Hostile Environment

In fact, this reason can be very complex that’s why it involves many issues. It can happen that a student cannot find his niche in the university life. He or she can be happy about the quality of education but a university may not have interesting for a new student clubs. Imagine that a student was a theatre star at school and at the university there is no such club at all or all vacant spots are occupied and he or she cannot get in. And this concerns all other possible after class activities.

A student can also come across a situation when he or she has found a part-time job in their subject of study and they need the university to provide them with flexible attendance. If such option is denied, a student will be simply torn between two important things for him or her. And he or she will certainly give up one of them.

Solution: Make a thorough examination of the matter

Before entering a university, just make sure that it has all interesting activities for you, and if they are accessible for a freshman. Also, don’t forget to check with the dean’s office how flexible the education process can be.

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