Winter Holidays. Immersion in the Planning
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It is extremely important to choose those activities that will bring you maximum pleasure and benefit.

It is also significant that you have a rational mind. There is not much time, just about two weeks. During this time, it is impossible to complete a large number of matters. If you think about active rest, then it is worth reading here about this.

If you do not bring your endeavors to the end, then this is not good. Anyone who stops halfway (or even at the very beginning) will never achieve the desired heights. It is never easy and without problems. There are always unforeseen situations that are difficult to predict. However, they can be prevented.

How? It is all about your habit of working on assignments. If you are a person who has a certain level of flexibility and resolve at the same time, then it will be easier for you to deal with unforeseen circumstances. The thing is that when you do something, and suddenly someone or something starts to distract you, you need to correctly determine whether it is worth reacting to this distraction or not.

Depending on the importance of the distractions, you should either show rigidity, i.e. not abandon your business and continue to do it as if nothing had happened, or show the flexibility and move away from your task in order to respond to something or someone else.

In the course of the winter holidays, you have a unique opportunity to set up all your affairs for full performance for a whole year. Simply put, we advise you to develop a plan of action for the coming year correctly during the holidays. This will allow you to ensure an impressive leap towards your goal. All your efforts should be focused on a small number of tasks, which, in the long run, would give you a greater positive effect, rather than if you simply began to do business without any system or plan.

My Plan, My Strategy

Spend your winter holidays on developing an action plan for this year. The question arises: where to start? Start with your values. What is substantial to you?

The health, sports achievements? Then write in your plan the following: to take part in 5 competitions, to try to win in 3 of them. To do exercises for 10 minutes every day. To take a contrast shower every three days.

Money, fame, recognition? Think about what you are strong in. Make your strengths a source of income for you. You ask, how you can transform your knowledge into a source of income for you. Believe, the world of the XXI century pays only to those who are really passionate about their occupation, hobby or work.

As you can see, the plan for the year should be based on your values. Only they will tell you, what you should do to achieve all that you dream about. Sit at home and in a calm environment, think about what is driving you throughout your life. What are you most inclined to? What can you do better than others?

Once you have decided on your values, the next step will be to find and attract the necessary resources to help you carry out your plans. Such resources can be books, video courses, trainings, seminars, public lectures, work in volunteer organizations, etc. Believe, after you have defined your values, you will understand what you need in order to carry out your plans.

We immediately warn you: do not try to paint your annual plan to the day. Such a plan would be unlikely to be implemented for reasons that have already been considered. The annual plan is needed, first of all, for the overall picture of the work ahead. Do not overload it with tasks, various events, etc., because, as practice shows, if your plan is filled with various tasks, it will be completed to a maximum of 50 percent. Everything should be moderate.

Do not be lazy. Carry out your plan in concordance with the scheduled tasks, and then your results at the end of the year will be a real gift for the next New Year. We wish you successful planning and completion of your plans.

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