Hunt for Enrollees. University Promotion. Part 1
University Doors

The rather disappointing trend has been observed in the sphere of education in recent years, when entrants, instead of striving for higher education, are in active search for the main source of income immediately after school. On the one hand, it is commendable and joyful, but on the other hand, it is still sad since the number of graduates is decreasing every year.

To date it would seem than the problem is not significant, but nobody knows what society is waiting for in some 5 to 10 years. That is why every year in the spring-summer period all universities should seriously puzzle the main question, how to attract enrollees.

However, before we talk about ways with the help of which universities will be able to get as many promising students as possible into their walls, let us define, is there any sense in getting today that higher education? Of course, there is significant enough one: this is a unique opportunity to further get a prestigious and highly paid job and feel yourself a full-fledged personality with a bright future and good prospects. It is the excellent and powerful argument.

In addition, higher education is highly valued in other countries, so it is possible to represent your state already at the international level. There are prospects again. In addition, when employing abroad, there is a significant difference in wages, if you have a higher education.

However, there is another not less significant advantage, which must be mentioned in our discussion of the eternal. It is possible that the work will appear in student years, when the student receives the same higher education.

Today it often happens that graduates know exactly where they will work in the future already in last year. And the organization that has employed them, is just waiting for them to receive the cherished diploma for the legal employment of an already qualified specialist.

So, we think that many will agree if we confidently declare that it is impossible without higher education today, and it is important to understand this even when mythical perspectives are beckoning somewhere near. It is not worth hurrying and bursting into adulthood, it is not for nothing that student years are called the best in life. So why not to experience these inexpressible sensations?

Participation of Universities in Further Study of Enrollees

So, staying at school, pupils are not yet able to finally decide on their future profession. They were used to the fact that all teachers and parents decide for them already at a subconscious level. Not all graduates of schools are ready to take a responsible step, and there is very little time left before the graduation.

Here the university should come to the rescue, remove a jumble of ideas from the head and present further studies at the university in the brightest colors. It means an open day, which is organized by almost all higher educational institutions of your city somewhere in the early spring.

It is convenient, because it is a unique opportunity to "probe" your potential higher education and the prospects that accompany it.

By the way, many schools also use a set of tools to attract students, and in many ways these methods are similar to those used by universities. You can read about it here.

Open Day: Let Us Get to Know Each Other

Do not start with the history of the university, it is better to go straight to the main thing, otherwise, a pleasant acquaintance, which began on a positive note, will end with the sleepy and dull faces of future students.

As a rule, all information received at the open day is forgotten very quickly.

That is why there must necessarily be booklets in each institution at the open day, which briefly outlines the concept of the university, prevailing specialties, exams and documents required for the admission, as well as the nuances of the studying process and the preliminary date of the entrance examinations.

Such leaflets will help you to quickly determine your choice.

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