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Getting so absorbed into the world that you forget to eat or sleep while reading is an indescribable blessing. The most talented authors can create astounding magic and entrance their readers only by using their words. Here are some tips you could use when trying to learn how to recreate their success. And if you need to write an essay right now, but you really want to continue reading, then do not hesitate to place an order on essayspark.com.


First of all, ask yourself a simple question. What do you like most about your favorite author’s writing? Some authors use creative literary devices, some craft precious fantastic worlds, some play with the length of the sentences or spice up their work with exquisite witty dialogues. Discover what it is that makes you interested, and analyze it. How can you imitate the same devices or plot points in your own writing? There is no need to worry about copying, because every author will add something personal to a piece. Most techniques and plots are well known, but the most important thing is to know how to use them to create something fresh and extraordinary.

Understand Their Motivation

Sometimes something we lack to write is motivation. We find a million excuses to avoid writing, and it simply fails to be our priority in the busy modern world. Staring at a blank computer screen and being unable to create can get extremely depressing and rob us from all desire to write. In order to avoid such a hurdle, try to understand the motivation your favorite author had. Not everyone was famous and talented from the start, but rather had to claw their way up through difficulties. The only thing that kept them going turned out to be the push they needed for success, and you can find it too.

Explore Settings

If your favorite writer explores historical themes and makes you fascinated with a certain period in history, learn more about it. You may find something that catches your attention and what you can turn into a great story. Researching for the setting can let you into the world which you never knew but which existed before in your imagination. The same advice goes for other genres of literature. All you need to do is to find what really makes you itching to write.

Perusing Bookstore

Character Analysis

If you are fascinated by the characters who appear in your favorite books, compose a questionnaire with personality questions and find out something that these characters have in common. You will understand better what type of person attracts you and why you want to write about them.

Read Reviews

Even though you may not like this idea at first, pick up a couple of official reviews of your favorite books, especially those done by literary critics. It may be painful at the times when you disagree with the harsh words the literary critics use. However, you will accept the praise and understand what it means to your idol. By reading reviews, you can find out how exactly the magic happens, and what is so good about the writing you admire.

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