Students’ Omens – What Are They for?
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We all know that the students’ aim is to pass their exams excellently, but there are some cases when they are not well-prepared or do not know the material. So, there is one way – to come up with some omens and then to rely on them. It is just as simple as you can rely on professional writers from, who will write your essay at its best.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Before a Test

It is a very strange omen but washing your hair before an exam means that you will rinse off your knowledge with water and shampoo. The spunkiest students may not wash their hair at all and the students, who like surprising the other people with their behavior, can stop washing not only their heads, but bodies for a month before their session, making a teacher tired of inhaling the “aroma” of bodies and releasing you with peace!

A Sinistral Life

Waking up, don’t hasten to get out of your bed, remember that “the student’s apocalypse” will come in an hour, so stand up with your left foot, clean your teeth and comb with your left hand, eat a sandwich and hold a cup of coffee or tea, lock the door with your left hand. Come into an audience with your left foot, but before, standing on your left foot think of an excellent grade, and go ahead. Following this omen will help you to pass your exam without any problems and obstacles!

Clothes and Exams

It is not allowed to come to your exam wearing the new clothes or clothes that you haven’t worn for a very long time. Everything is very simple – if you’ll wear a new attire, your teacher won’t recognize you saying that you are the worst truant in the world and missed all his lectures. The best option would be putting on your lucky hat or/and socks.

A Mascot

A Mascot

A mascot is a thing that is very useful and irreplaceable in the student’s sector. A random amulet can be a tally in the locker room or a lucky ticket for a bus and the underground, your favorite pen or a trinket for your car. A good mascot can be a stone (not on your neck) suitable for your zodiac sign and mounted in a ring, brooch or bracelet! A stone for happiness may be simply an unusual stone, for example, with a hole but of a natural origin! All available figures, erasers, hours, melodies, heard before the test, all these things can give you confidence in a successful exam, just believe and everything will come true!

Reading Your Synopsis

If you have some time to prepare for the exam, here are some popular beliefs that will help you not to reduce your efforts to zero: "Do not read the notes at a meal" (seize up the memory), "Do not watch TV while reading the lecture notes" (a powerful distraction), "Do not listen to music while reading summaries "(but you can listen to a classical music). When organizing a break, it is forbidden to leave the notes and textbooks opened so as not to miss your knowledge!

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