World Education Systems

Every country has its specific system of schooling. Each government tries to improve it with an eye to training more professional specialists in different fields. The improving of education fully depends on how many resources are invested, which reforms are provided and so on. Once a year, a top list of the most successful countries in this sphere is made. These skeds can help you to choose where to look for high-quality education. Here are the most famous learning systems in the world with a short description to each.


This country has proved the place with the smartest kids in the world, which was evidenced by many international tests. How did they manage it? In Finland, there is a small number of pupils in each class, not more than 16. That gives a teacher an opportunity to pay attention to every student. Moreover, they have long breaks and less homework compared to other education systems. Kids have many practical and interactive tasks. On the other hand, pedagogues get great respect there and high salaries. This profession is very popular and it is not that easy to get a workplace at a school.


As opposed to Finland, pupils spend about 14 hours per day at school. They have no exams at the end of the year, and groups are full of students (nearly 35 kids for one class). Teacher’s profession is also very popular and high-paid. Only 5% of university graduates can get this job. So, the most talented specialists work with kids.  

Teacher Talking


Japan’s approach to educating kids is different from that of other Asian countries. They have such classes as self-control and moral improving. During the lesson, all pupils and teacher work on one task in an interactive way: they make projects and conduct some research. Japan students carry a great burden, they are urged to do an incredible amount of homework and visit tutors. It is one of the most difficult schooling systems for children. Such services for writing academic works as would be very useful to them.


Only the first six years of school are compulsory in this country. After that, kids usually continue studying till they enter the university. Pedagogues have great salaries and bonuses there. The quality and effectiveness of their work, as well as their initiative, are examined every year. This helps maintain the high level of professionalism of the staff.

The United Kingdom

Schools in England are popular among students. In most cases, this is due to their exclusivity and antiquity. Sure, the quality of study there is also very high. There are plenty of boarding schools which have their own spirit and educational features. They usually don’t follow the standards of national educational system and offer students several courses to choose. Of course, the payment for such study is quite costly. However, this is an obstacle not for all, therefore, this country is always full of people wishing to gain knowledge.

The Netherlands

The specific feature of education in this country is that parents are involved in their children’s study. Almost every family take part in school life. Children learn three tongues at a time: English, Dutch and Frisian. Their skills are measured basing on the quality of their homework, tests and oral answers as it is in most countries.

All in all, every country has some specific features in its education system. This information may be useful for doing some research on this topic and deciding which type is the best.

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