Feel Pride for The Work You Do


In order to realize the true value that we present as members of society, we need to put a price on our work. How valuable is what we do? The truth is if we put real effort into making something, any work is priceless and deserves our pride and immense praise. Often we underestimate ourselves, overwork, or do not put enough effort into our work because no one values it. That is why it is crucial to cultivate the idea of valuable work.


Any kind of work has been bought with currency that goes by the name of “time”. We engage our precious limited time, our only resource that matters, to engage in labor, and that is why it is crucial that first of all, we ourselves need to value it. However small the task, or however silly the outcome, we have spent our time creating it, and that is why it deserves to be praised.


It will be easier to feel proud of your work if you do it with love. Even though it may sound strange, even a simple report or a presentation can be done with care and love. Your teacher will appreciate the effort, and your classmates will learn with your project, and that is your main goal during any class.


Imagine that your grandmother knitted a sweater for you or baked you some cookies. You will be pleasantly surprised by the thought, and you will value her work. Why should your work, in the shape of a report for class, or a group project discussion not be valued the same way? Just as something shaped like an object, intangible work is also a source for self-value and love, so do not forget to tell your grandma how cool your report was or what you have decided to do as your next group project.


Of course, the result matters. When looking for a job, we are often highly altruistic, and look for organizations that help others in some way or another. Doing work that brings results is important not only for us, as a source of our pride, but also for others, who gain from it, whether it is knowledge, intellectual property, goods or even comfort. Even if no one gains from it but you, the result is still worth it. Just make sure that it does not harm other people.

Finish Line


On the other hand, if the result is less than desirable, you can still appreciate your process. The process of any work is accumulating experience and learning. By analyzing your mistakes, you can make sure that the next time your result will be aligned with the expectations.

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