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How big has your ‘already read’ bookshelf become in the last month? If your answer puts you to shame, it may be a high time for you to try out a reading challenge. Pick how many books you are prepared to read, set a theme if you are unsure. Decide on a deadline and do not stop until you strike gold! If you are still skeptical about the pluses, here are a few that could convince you to try it out.


The majority of people would not try out particular things unless it was a dare. If someone challenges you to climb a mountain or spend your weekend gadget-free, you are likely to agree only if they will call you a coward in case you refuse. The excitement of completing a challenge and proclaiming yourself a winner is what keep you going and striving towards the goal. This principle will keep your interest in books and reading afloat while doing your reading challenge.

Time Management

By setting any type of limit, but particularly this type of challenge, you will be aware of your time more acutely. Instead of spending a senseless number of hours perusing the Internet for light entertainment, instead of wasting your time on a fruitless conversation, now you will focus it on completing your challenge. Thus, your time management skills are likely to reach an unseen new high and bring benefits to the other aspects of your life.

Horizons Widening

You could hardly dispute the benefit of reading. The number of books you have read is equal to the perspectives you will absorb, as each book is a story of an author, filled with their worldview, ideas and meaning. Most of us do not have the time to select some outstanding material, so we end up reading the same books we like or something similar that our friends recommend to us. By setting a challenge with a theme, for example, reading a book whose title starts with a certain letter of the alphabet, you could broaden your horizons and discover books that you will never have picked up if it was not for the challenge.

Horizon Sunrise


Such a challenge in the majority of cases is something that you decide by yourself. It is an excellent way to evaluate your potential and give a reasonable evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. If you promise yourself to complete it, you will need to push yourself because the success will only be yours, and only you will benefit from this adventure. Deciding on the books, the time and the sacrifices to be made in order to complete your challenge will bring your self-organizing skills to the next level.

Boost of Self-Confidence

Imagine how great it will be when you do reach the goal. Not only you will read a lot of books and immerse yourself in stories and worlds unknown before, but you will be proved to be worthy of completing such a challenge. The boost of self-confidence you will get is bound to bring you more victories in the future.

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