The Allies in Your Study Group
Battlefield Ally

Whenever you walk into your new class, it may feel like you are going out on the battlefield. Especially in schools where the competition is fierce, it is very important to find out who can you get familiar with, and who is better to be avoided for the rest of the semester. Study the people well and find out their personalities. It is time to pick your allies for the rest of the school year.

The Brain

If you get a smart kid on your side, consider yourself lucky. They will be able to help you when you missed classes, explain some difficult material that you have not grasped and simply guide you through the studying process with the experience of a tutor. However, do not use their wisdom freely, supply them with moral support or chocolates, whatever they prefer. If you are genuine in your thoughts, this type of friend is sure to make your college experience truly effective.

The Heart

Who does not need emotional support when dealing with such a stressful life as college presents every day? Find at least one friend who you can speak your mind to and alleviate your heavy thoughts. It does not matter if you are new and are not familiar with the group well enough to spill your inner thoughts to a group mate. In such case, you may consult a school psychiatrist or talk to a family member. With time, you will find this type of person within your group and you will see that emotional support they give will be truly genuine as they know the background of your school problems very well.

Heart Pumping

The Ear

The gossip mill will run out of water if it was not for them. Do you already know who can accurately represent in this phrase? Getting them on your friend list will be easy if you are aware of some interesting facts too. Sharing information about the professors, the news in the university and the grading system can be good with someone as trusted as them.

The Smile

Your college years are not only for studying. Examine the behavior of your new group of students and analyze who makes you laugh the most. This person will probably become one of your most trusted pals if you add some initiative in your relationship. A friend who can make you smile and relax will bring endless benefit to you during the stressful classes. Moreover, they will probably put some joy in your life after classes too, so if you want your free time at college to be exciting, you know who should you smile back to.

The Hand

They are always happy to give you a hand. If you are lost in the syllabus, forget a homework assignment or run out of words for your essay, this type of friend will always altruistically come to your rescue. They may not be the most heartfelt or the smartest students in the class, but they are altruistic and will be as ecstatic for your success as you are. If you have found such a mate, you are sure to graduate with excellence.

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