Improve Your Productivity: Become A+ Student. Part 1
Getting A+

The study environment varies depending on the student or the university. This environment can be favorable to productivity or include various distractions. The goal of all students is to advance their project or essay, pass their exams successfully and the most important, to acquire knowledge. So for that, they must be productive in any context. Here are the basic tips for becoming a performance champion at the university. By the way, it is very simple to become an essay champion – just buy it.

Understand Your Body

It is important to know your body or rather the biorhythm of your body because you should organize your day in relation to the latter and plan complicated tasks for the time when your energy is at its highest level.

For many, this may mean that the most important task must be done in the first hours after getting up. Set the morning ritual which does not exceed an hour and a half to be as productive as possible and especially, to be ready to start a new day. Remember that everyone is different, so complete your tasks according to the hours of work that are the best for you. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook is known for sending emails at 4:30 a.m. and playing sports at 5:00 a.m. every morning.

Prioritize Your Tasks

List of Priorities

Your various tasks must be hierarchical. Otherwise, there is a high risk that chaos will take over your mind and your results will be not so good. So, you have to organize your day or your week smartly. Once your list is organized, assign the duration of each task and the best time of the day or week to complete them. Invest in a cute notebook or planner and write your goals for the day, month or year as well as prioritize them.

Establish Your Routine

Establishing routines for regular tasks makes you more efficient and productive. Productivity is not a question of luck, but of devotion. It takes about thirty days to establish a new habit that will be with you for a long time, but for that, you should do it regularly. For example, after classes, you can take a cup of coffee, check your e-mail and voice messages, read some news, and then start working on your homework.

Take Breaks

Girl Walking in a Park

Complex tasks, such as writing an essay or solving math problems, can take a lot of mental effort, and your brain can not focus beyond a certain limit. This means that it is important to take breaks and let your brain rest. Take a walk, eat a snack or call your friend. You can also lie down for 15 minutes after your study session, but no more because you will relax too much and it will be harder to go back to work again. Then, when you come back, you are ready to work again. And if you still doubt your ability to write a paper, entrust it to professional writers from

Create a Five-Minute List

When you do not have the energy to start an important task, look at your five-minute list. It is a list of simple tasks that you can do in less than five minutes. It can be searching something on the Internet, printing and sorting documents or searching for inspiration. No matter what it means to you, the five-minute list can help you be productive even when your concentration is at its lowest ebb.

No Multitasking

When you try to complete multiple tasks at once, you are not really able to focus on your tasks and you lose efficiency and concentration each time you switch from one thing to another. Nothing captures all your attention and you are more likely to forget things. Instead, it is better to focus on one element at a time.

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