A Successful Group Project’s Essentials

 Group Discussion

Sharing a responsibility can be a tough burden. It is much easier to get an individual task, order an essay on essayspark.com and enjoy life. Group projects are a completely different matter.

Usually, projects assigned to a group evoke mix reactions from the class, but most of the time the classmates are horrified of working with unfamiliar people towards a shared goal. This attitude may emerge due to the fact that no one feels they can truly rely on another member or the fact that the project requires maximum teamwork. Here is how to make it work.

Link in the Chain

Whether you assume the position of a leader, or one of the subordinates, it is important that you keep in mind the goal of your project, and how it can be reached. Each link in the chain needs to work in order to do a stunning job. First of all, be responsible for your work and make sure to complete it perfectly before blaming others for their sins. Working on your own goal will help with efficiency, time-management and organization, and will improve the morale of the team.

Achilles’ Heel

Confess your sins from the start. If you are a terrible communicator, a catastrophe at graphic design or a disastrous speaker, say so from the start. This way the team will know what to expect and will adjust to each person’s weaknesses. At the same time, clearly state what you are able to do well and bear responsibility for, as everyone in the group should get a piece of the work. If you are the team leader, make sure to pay attention to each member’s strengths and weaknesses when you share the workload.

Consider the Back-Up Plan

A good strategist not only sees where the enemy chess piece is likely to go, but also calculates the own reaction to such a situation. Concentrate on the “what ifs” of your work. Make sure to make a list of questions, similar to “What if the computer breaks?”, “What if someone falls ill?”, “What if we run late?”. You will need to come up with a back up plan to each question. Copy the presentation on a USB drive, make sure to share the task evenly and stick to a schedule that allows delays. This will keep you prepared and focused to face any danger that may suddenly arise in front of you.

Plan in Advance

Having thought about all the precautions, you can plan your timetable in advance. Rigid deadlines are more likely to let the members of the group work efficiently. Make sure to plan your gatherings in chat groups online or in person, and stick to the time. It will be much easier to complete your project as you see it slowly progressing.

Wall Calendar

Present Efficiently

While making a presentation or showing your project to the class or to your teacher, make sure to illuminate the best points of it. Keep in mind a simple but truthful motto: “There is no glory in the process”. Everything you have worked on will only matter if your ideas and your efforts are going to be accepted and leave an impact on your listeners.

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