Essay on Student Psychology. Morning Before Exams. Part 1
Student with Many Books

There are some useful things you can try in the beginning of the day you have tests or exams to feel more confident and apply all your knowledge and skills you got during the term. The first minutes after you wake up have influence on your mood and final results.

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Start Your Morning with Energy

Whenever you take an exam, you are obviously very nervous. That is why usually you do not get the best sleep the night before. You tend to wake up early, about 6 a.m. or 7 a.m., which is not the best thing. You have several hours of waiting at home until you go to school or university.

Therefore, if you wake up early in the morning of your exam day, it is better to get out of the house. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, or go to your local cafe to take coffee. When you are nervous, sitting at home or just lying in bed is not going to help you.

Getting Ready

Student Choosing Clothes

When you are back home and it's time to prepare to leave, there are a couple of things you need to do. First of all, you should get dressed properly. We recommend that you choose something really comfy.

You can wear the same thing that you wore the day before, the clothes you were wearing at the library when you were studying, the same sweater and leggings, because even your clothes can make a difference. You can study in the same location or eat the same food as well. All those things are apparently meant to help you to recall all that you were learning. So, if you have lucky underwear or socks, then you can wear them for your exam.

Make Impression

Talking about clothes, it is important to dress to impress. We do not really mean this in the sense that your examiners actually care about what you wear, but if you are dressed appropriately and have a good hairstyle, you feel much more confident.

Thus, it's nice just to freshen up. Have a shower, wash your hair if that makes you feel better. If you dress well, you are more likely to perform in the same way. If you have not submitted some papers to the teacher yet and you cannot take an exam without them, just buy these essays from expert writers.

Fuel Your Body

Healthy Breakfast

We cannot leave the house before fueling the body with the right kind of nutrients to be able to concentrate during the exam. If you do not, you will be hungry and lack attention because you have not eaten anything.

We recommend that you eat something healthy and nutritious in the morning, something high in protein and that does not contain processed sugars. For example, you can enjoy toasts with smoked salmon, pancakes, smoothie with herbs, berries, banana, etc. That will help you feel full longer.

If you are highly anxious and cannot eat anything, then make sure to take some snacks with you. For example, eat an apple before you go to the exam. You might actually feel hungrier as soon as you get there.

So, if you do not eat breakfast, then pack snacks with you. If you do, take snacks and a bottle of water anyway because you never know if you will be a little bit peckish, especially if your exams last a long time.

Arrive in Advance

We strongly recommend that you get to school or university at least 15-20 minutes before the exam starts. It helps to reduce anxiety. Also, you can take some flash cards with you and review them. Learning at the same place where you will take the exam can help your brain recall answers later.

Studying with Friends

Study Group

You can meet with friends. They will definitely help you feel more comfortable and confident, especially if you are nervous. You can also revise some material together. As you know, it is much easier to memorize something by explaining it to someone. But make sure that your study sessions do not turn into having-fun sessions. 

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