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Process of Writing

Among prominent writers with a capital we may distinguish Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Stephen King and many others. These are real giants of the written word. Typically, in order to become a writer of that kind one should be born with a great talent. Still, there is the difference between a ‘good writer’ and ‘famous writer’.

Not all authors, whose books are on the shelves of all stores, you will find out interesting and breathtaking. The term ‘poop fiction’ began to be used somewhere in the last decade, when in bookstores the large number of different kind of detective, adventure, romance, and so on began to appear on the bookshelves of bookstores. Despite the fact that those authors’ numerous works are on everyone's lips, we hardly may apply the concept of "good writer" to them.

The Concept of a Good Writer

There is no single definition of good writer and it cannot be one. The famous aphorism says: ‘A good writer is a sea of talent and drop of schizophrenia, a bad one – just the opposite’. Vladimir Nabokov in one of his letters used the famous phrase ‘A good writer is primarily a magician’.

A modern author Eric - Emmanuel Schmitt in an interview expressed the view that a good writer should be like Mozart and be available immediately for everyone: people of different ages and all levels of education. The quality of a product, as always, is determined by the time. A good writer can be commercially successful or his star might arise after death.

Practice Regularly

Writing a Lot

Regularly practice the creation of written materials. Simply put, try to write something on regular basis, whether it is short note, article or piece of your future book. In addition to this you can keep a diary detailing everything that happens to you during the day and to evaluate this process of writing. No matter which material you use, it is important that you are regularly trained in the same kind of writing. Do not be afraid and always remember - no one will see your notes if you do not want this.

Arrange Time

Special Time

Arrange a special time for both written training and creating written content that you will use in your work. It would be very good if you select the time that will always be the same. For example, this will be every day from 7 to 10 pm. In fact, writing in the same hours every day is not particularly important in creating your first publication. This setting is crucial for developing the habit as well as necessary and required skill without which you won’t reach success.

Always Finish the Job

No matter how qualified and skilled would be an expert – it costs nothing unless he or she brings to an end everything started before. So make it a rule: if you start doing something – bring it to a conclusion. This is a very good and healthy habit that will serve you very good service and eliminate the huge number of problems.

Read More

All authors of books that have succeed have another important quality in common: they all are avid readers. The more person reads various genre of literature (both non-periodic and periodic) – the better he or she writes for others. It is proven fact.

Follow these tips and very soon you will see that your writing skills will grow by leaps and bounds.

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