Working While Studying: Pros and Cons
Difficult Decision

Many students are trying to complete both tasks simultaneously. That is why after they have entered the university, they start looking for a job. However, it is still a question whether it is a good decision to remain a student and an employee at the same time. Let's see what are the hidden stones of such a decision.


  • You will definitely have more money to spend on your needs and desires. You may even be able to live by yourself without asking your parents for help when it comes to paying your bills;
  • You will get to discover the new side of life which is opened to working people. Understanding of real value of money can positively change you. Such things as value, opportunity, responsibility and self-dependence start shining in the new light in front of working person’s eyes;
  • You can now try to implement into a real life all theoretical things which you have studied during lessons. Moreover, the possibility to ask your professor to help you solve the problems that you have faced in reality during working process is also the great opportunity of such work and studying union.

What Are the Cons?

On the other side, there are certain difficulties which you will be faced with if you try to combine a job and a university:

  • Yes, you will have more money, but the day will be just as long as before, so you probably won't have any time to spend on your hobbies and friends. It is definitely not a rule because depending on the kind of work you do the amount of time for the university and your self-amusing will change. Anyway, the problem with the university will appear sooner or later.

    One day you will wake up and understand that you are tired of having such a strict day schedule. In the morning, you go to the classes, right after that you rush to the work, in the evening you try to deal with homework and finally you fall asleep. The same thing repeats every day except weekends; however, weekends are passing while you are doing your best to get enough sleep finally;

  • Attempting to get grown-up skills and experiences you may probably skip all know-hows what student life can provide you with;
  • The third point works if only your professional tasks are related to your field of study. Unfortunately, most students happen to have a job which has nothing to do with their university subjects. If your university cannot provide you with any working practice within the study, you most likely will not find a job connected to your future profession being a student.
Happy Graduates

How to Choose?

Of course, it is your own decision and no one but yourself can tell you whether it is right or wrong to work while studying. Nevertheless, try to keep in mind that doing two things simultaneously can have bad consequences. Some days you probably decide to study less so that you will have more time for work and leisure.

Many people have done this before and after they finished university without really being there, they are starting to feel that they missed something in their lives and now it is impossible to return back and start over. Still, you will have an opportunity to enter the university when you're 30 and have more time for you. Will it be the same as in teenage years?

The point is that maybe it is not so necessary to replace your days at university with all friends, discussions, libraries and adventures with work because student's life will end someday and you do not want to regret missing it.

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