Sample Essay on Effective Methods to Reduce Stress Levels

Communicate with Your Friends

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Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by something, and we just need to let it out. You can even visit your parents, or if you live at home with your family, just have a chat with your parents or sibling, talking about things that are on your mind. It helps to relax, your problems do not bother you as much when you find someone you can confide in, and get some extra support. So, talk to your loved ones for at least five or ten minutes, and you will come up with some good strategies as well, and if not, they will give you a hug.

Reorganize Your Desk

If you have an organized desk, then you are not only decluttering your physical space, you are decluttering your mind, you are able to focus much more. When your desk is clean, tidy and minimalistic, you feel much calmer and relaxed. It only takes about five or ten minutes to tidy up your desk, but it also saves you from all unnecessary things that are in your head, because it gives you something to do. You can do that every day to avoid getting stressed or overwhelmed by your workspace. And if you are oppressed by the amount of homework, professionals from will be able to help you.

Make a Cup of Tea

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You should drink some herbal tea and refuse coffee or caffeinated tea, because it will make you even more active. When you are stressed, everything is working much faster: your pulse and your breathing. Try not to have this cup of herbal tea while studying, but to take a five-minute break. This will help to slow things down, and you feel much calmer as well.

Go for a Walk

It is a good idea to go for a short walk around the block, you might even just want to go down the street and buy some fresh flowers for your desk, and then come back. There must be something that distracts you from the work environment and takes you to fresh air. You do not have to actually exercise for 10 or 15 minutes, just a walk can really do the trick.

Put Your Legs Up the Wall

You can use a pillow for your backside, and then scoot up against the wall and put your legs up. It is a relaxing and restorative pose to do, this gives you a calm sense of balance, and you feel all the blood drain from your feet and go back to your brain. It re-oxygenates your brain and it gives you a fresh flow of blood throughout the body as well, and there is something about being upside down, like all stress falls right out of your head.

Remove Yourself from the Situation

Girl Walking in the Central Park

Sometimes you are trying hard to complete a task, but you are feeling so frustrated with yourself and cannot get anything done, can’t get any good results. In that case, you should just remove yourself from the situation and, for example, put your legs up the wall and have a little time for yourself. Theater, sports, good sleep, sip at some bar – will do as well (along many other things). You will come back to work and get everything done easily.

Art Therapy

We are not talking about any lessons or courses, but about some drawing, doodling, and coloring, for example, using a coloring book. It is a good thing to do, because it helps with mindfulness and relaxation, and you can simply have fun this way.

Burn Essential Oils

Different Essential Oils

You can try lavender oil because it is the most calming and relaxing scent, and also lemongrass oil because it helps you imagine that you are in a spa, as if you are getting a massage. You can also rub it on your wrists, and then behind your ears, or burn it in your oil burner in the main room of your apartment.

Eat Something Tasty

The last tip, probably the most fun thing to do, is to eat. So, if some advertisement is saying that you are not yourself when you are hungry, it is right. You are much more likely to feel more anxious and less calm when you are hungry. It is really important that you take some time to feed your body from the inside because food helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels, and many healthy foods out there are going to protect you, and a healthy mind is associated with a healthy body. So, you need to look after your body in order to see those benefits shine through your mental health as well.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in writing such a paper. If you still doubt your abilities, you can always buy essays from professional writers.

We gave you our quick and easy five-minutes stress buster techniques for students, and you can implement them at any time and in any place. We recommend using them daily, and you do not have to wait till you feel really stressed to do them, you might want to add them to your daily routine. It is just a way to stay on top of your stress levels. We wish you to keep calm and be a 4.0 student without any worries!  

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