What main points may my against animal testing essay include? Troubled with this question?


Despite of the numerous and continues battles of animal rights fighters, the scientists give the number of approximately seventy millions of different animal species are killed every year during series or experiments, carried out by cosmetics, household items producing companies, government and scientific institutions and many others. When there is a possibility that a newly created item will harm or in any sense negatively affect the human being while using, researches, conducted on animals, step in. Academic papers on animal testing can make a huge difference in the situation by drawing a lot of the attention to the problem, giving more information to people and even changing someone’s point of view regarding this topic. So, why exactly shall animal testing be banned forever?

The first and main group of reasons will be built out of ethical estimations. While carrying out an experiment on an animal, most of the scientists tend to think only about what use this will bring to the humanity and what problems it can spare the people. Usually very few people thinks on how it will affect the animal itself, though everyone on Earth knows that animals feel pain at the same rates, as humans. A lot of products, tested on animals are only on the initial stages and are not perfect at all, that’s why they bring a lot of harm to the species they are used on.

The lack of control issue can also become an important part of your against animal testing essay. There are very few laws regarding this matter for now, that is why the regulation of it is quite poor and no one knows, which scales it can take under modern development.

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